Best MMA Shorts (2022) Hybrid, Big Guys & More!

Mixed martial arts is a fast-paced sport requiring a fighter to utilize speed and power to win. Because of this, the fighter’s uniform plays a considerable role in making sure they can move as fast as possible and use their strength to take down their opponents.

MMA shorts are an essential part of any fighter’s arsenal. They need to be comfortable, allow for a full range of motion, and be durable. This article will help you narrow your options and find the best MMA shorts for your needs.

Best MMA Shorts: Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

Best Budget MMA Shorts: Elite Sports MMA Fight Shorts

Best MMA Shorts For Big Guys: SOTF MMA Shorts

Best MMA Shorts

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

The Anthem Athletics Resilience is our top pick as the best MMA shorts. These all-purpose shorts are perfect for any fighter, no matter their skill level.

Whether a beginner or a pro, these shorts will give you the support and comfort you need in the ring.

The military-inspired shorts are designed with your safety and performance in mind. They’re tear-resistant, fast drying, and have two-fold Velcro & drawstring for a secure fit. Plus, they come with 4 way stretching fabric to ensure that they fit you perfectly.

Anthem Athletics MMA Shorts are handmade with heavy-duty and durable materials to help you train harder and longer. These shorts will fit any athlete with 10 different sizes, 9 color options, and a multi-use design.

Whether you’re training for MMA, kickboxing, or running errands around town, these shorts will help you stay comfortable and stylish.


  • Quality material and construction
  • Velcro is covered, so it doesn’t rub or irritate
  • Drawstring help makes a perfect fit
  • Stretchy fabric – great for kicking
  • Multiple sizes and color options


  • Sizing is a bit tricky
  • No stretch material in the waist

Best MMA Shorts – Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

Best Budget MMA Shorts

Elite Sports MMA Fight Shorts

You don’t have to spend a fortune to gear up for your next MMA fight. With a price tag of under $20, these shorts are an excellent value for budget-conscious buyers.

They are made of high-quality materials and provide the same comfort and protection as more expensive brands.

These lightweight and comfortable grappling shorts will help you increase your range of motion, giving you a better advantage on the ground. These shorts are made with an ultra-soft microfiber fabric that improves mobility and breathability, which are perfect for MMA, strength training, or boxing.

And because they’re lightweight and comfortable, you’ll be able to wear them all day long without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. The waistband is two-fold and non-chaffing. The Velcro closure ensures they stay in place during rigorous training sessions or competitions.

The side slits stretch to accommodate growth and improve leg work. Finally, improved legwork means less chance of injuries down the line.


  • 100% microfiber fabric
  • Non-chaffing waistband
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Improved leg work with stretchy side slits


  • The seams on the Velcro are poor

Best Budget MMA Shorts – Elite Sports MMA Fight Shorts

Best MMA Shorts For Big Guys


If you’re a big guy who loves MMA, you know that finding shorts that fit can be a challenge. No one wants to feel constricted when trying to unleash their inner beast.

With these shorts, even the biggest guys will feel comfortable stretching, kicking, and punching their way to victory.

These MMA shorts are specifically designed for big and tall guys! No more squeezing into tiny shorts and feeling uncomfortable during your workout. These shorts are made from a breathable material that will keep you cool and dry all workout long.

Made from 100% polyester, these shorts have Velcro and drawstring closure, allowing you to customize the fit to your liking.

The comfortable fabric reduces the amount of friction against your skin, making them ideal for a vigorous workout. With a leg split design, you can easily lift your legs to achieve an elevated fighting stance.

These MMA shorts for big guys come in up to size 41″ inseam and feature firm stitching to keep them looking good long after a fight. You’ll love the comfortable waistband and heavy-duty construction.


  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Velcro and drawstring to adjust the waistline
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Waist: Up to 40 inches


  • A bit short in length

Best MMA Shorts For Big Guys – SOTF MMA Shorts

Best MMA Shorts For Grappling

Gold BJJ Grappling Shorts

Made of lightweight, stretchy poly blend fabric that is resistant to mat burn and gives you a compression effect. These shorts have a 4-way stretch, so they are flexible enough to move with you as you grapple and fight.

The pull-on elastic waistband closure ensures they always fit snugly and protect your skin from mat burn.

These grappling shorts are thermoregulation-ready to help keep you cool and comfortable in warm conditions. While also being moisture-wicking to help keep you dry and fresh. With multiple sizes available, there’s sure to be a pair of grappling shorts that fits your needs.


  • Grappling base layer protects against mat burn
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Snug-fit with an elastic reinforced waistband
  • Quick-dry material


  • Stitching may fall apart after a few washes

Best MMA Shorts For Grappling – Gold BJJ Grappling Shorts

Best MMA Hybrid Shorts

Meister MMA Hybrid Flex Board Shorts

Looking for a comfortable pair of MMA shorts you can use both in and out of the gym? Look no further than the Meister MMA Hybrid Shorts.

The athletic cuts on each side provide plenty of movement and flexibility for grappling and striking. The Polyester/Nylon blend and double-stitched seams provide durability. At the same time, the exclusive Dragon design adds an element of style to your training.

These shorts allow air movement and keep you cool while providing optimum flexibility and support. The Velcro/Drawstring waist closure provides a snug fit while allowing easy mobility.


  • Strong polyester/nylon blend
  • Perfect for striking & grappling
  • Knee-length Design
  • Full velcro and drawstring closure


  • Only one (white) color option

Best MMA Hybrid Shorts – Meister MMA Hybrid Flex Board Shorts

Best Short MMA Shorts

Hayabusa Mid-Thigh Fight Shorts

These shorts are the perfect length for MMA training and competition. They provide just enough coverage without any extra fabric getting in the way.

They allow you to move freely and show off your muscles. Made from 100% Polyester for strength and durability, these shorts feature a hook and loop closure for an adjustable fit. Designed to be machine washed and hybrid training optimized.

They’re made of ultra-high-strength fabric, meaning they’ll hold up against the wear and tear of intense workouts.

These mid-thigh shorts feature a high-quality silicone-lined waistband to provide even more comfort. While the single-loop drawstring closure provides an extra level of security, the front closure is interlocked for extra durability.

The stretch panels on both inner thighs make them ideal for creating that explosive power in your kicks. Plus, the hybrid cut provides maximum mobility.


  • Hybrid training optimized
  • Virtually indestructible fabric
  • Comfortable locked-in fit
  • Maximize your mobility


  • Sizing could be an issue if you lift or are muscular (You may need to order a larger size than you usually wear)

Best Short MMA Shorts – Hayabusa Mid-Thigh Fight Shorts

What To Look For When Buying MMA Shorts


When looking for the right pair of MMA shorts, your waist size is the most important factor. The waistband should sit snugly around your waist without being too tight or loose. And the length of the shorts should fall somewhere between your knee and mid-thigh.

But with so many brands and styles, it can be tough to know what size to buy. And keep in mind that sizes can vary from brand to brand. So, it’s essential to consult a size chart before making your purchase.

When it comes to finding the perfect fit, it’s all about trial and error. Try on several pairs of MMA shorts until you find a style and size that feels comfortable and allows you to move freely.


MMA shorts are typically made from three materials: polyester, spandex, or a blend of the two.

  • Polyester shorts are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for training in hot weather conditions.
  • Spandex shorts are more snug-fitting and offer more support, making them ideal for competition.
  • Blended shorts offer the best of both worlds and are a good choice for general training.

Polyester is a popular choice for MMA shorts due to its durability and comfort. This synthetic fabric is resistant to tearing and stretching, making it ideal for grappling and striking. Polyester shorts will also wick away sweat, keeping you cool and dry during your workout.

Nylon is another option for MMA shorts that offers similar benefits to polyester. Nylon is also durable and comfortable but tends to be lighter than polyester.


While there are no strict rules governing the clothing worn in MMA, most fighters opt for shorts that fall somewhere between the knee and mid-thigh. This length provides adequate coverage while allowing for a full range of motion.


Design and functionality are also important when choosing MMA shorts. Look for a pair designed specifically for MMA training or competition. These shorts usually have reinforced seams and padding in critical areas to help protect the fighter’s body from punches and kicks.


MMA shorts come with multiple waistband options to fit the needs of different fighters. The three most common types are fixed, elastic, and hybrid waistbands.

  1. Fixed waistbands are the most popular type among MMA fighters. They provide a snug, comfortable fit that doesn’t budge during training or competition. Fixed waistbands are typically made from a solid fabric sewn into the shorts.
  2. Elastic waistbands are also popular among MMA fighters. They’re often used in training shorts because they’re comfortable and allow for a full range of motion. Elastic waistbands can be made from single or multiple pieces of fabric sewn together.
  3. Hybrid waistbands are a combination of fixed and elastic waistbands. They offer the benefits of both types of waistbands while still being comfortable and allowing for a full range of motion.

MMA Shorts Frequently Asked Questions


MMA fighters wear shorts because they are comfortable and allow the fighter to move freely. MMA is a sport that requires a lot of movement, so restrictive clothing would not be ideal. Shorts also enable the fighter to show off their legs, which can be an essential part of their fighting style.


Yes, in MMA training, compression shorts can help to protect a fighter’s groin area. These shorts are usually made of a stretchy material and fit snugly against the body. They can help to absorb impact and prevent injuries.


Mixed martial art fighters typically wear some form of groin protection, most commonly a jockstrap with a cup. This is to protect the fighter’s genitals from strikes that may come from their opponent. In addition, the cup helps to prevent any potential injuries to the fighter’s testicles.


The Anthem Athletics Resilience is our top pick for the best MMA shorts. They are made from durable materials that withstand even the most intense training sessions. They also have a comfortable fit that will allow you to move freely and focus on your technique.

So if you’re ready to take your MMA training to the next level, pick up a pair of Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts.

Best MMA Shorts – Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts


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